What Is Marriage?

Some may wonder what is marriage? To some getting married means belonging to one person and one person only. Others look at being married as something much more sacred that just belonging, it is best when it brings two souls together as one. Marriage might mean that they finally just can’t live without the other in their life and want to spend every minute of the rest of their lives together.

What is marriage and how is it different from the past? Today it is different from what it used to be like. Long ago being a married person meant getting married at a young age, or saving your virginity until marriage. Today, you may wait until your 30 or 40s before ever attempting to tie the knot. As for being a virgin, most people are no longer virgins before they wed, but there are still some virgin brides. The courtships seem to last many years before you actually set a date and marry. Young lovers want to know they can live together and to see what it will be like, they want to make sure they’ve finished college and started jobs.

What is marriage like with and without religion? This can be different for many people, if you’ve grown up with religion in your home and it was a very big deal it still will be and it is something you’ll definitely want in your marriage. However for those that never grew up with it they may not see the importance of having religion in the marriage or even in their life. Make sure you know what type of person you are marrying; if this is a key thing it will become a big issue for the wedding and after. Before getting married many may have a different view on the type of wedding ceremony you have. Someone may want a catholic wedding while others may think a protestant wedding is best, to avoid all conflict one may even choose not to have any type of religion at their wedding. If you plan on having a religious ceremony make sure you follow all procedures, sometimes a priest will want to meet with the happy couple for counseling before ever performing the wedding.

What is marriage like when it is legal? Some couples wonder if they should even make their marriage legal or just stay living together. To some it is only something that is a piece of paper saying they are legally together. For those they may not want to have just a paper to tell them how important it is, especially if they’ve already lived together for a few years. In a few states, couples that live together a certain amount of time, normally seven years or more, are considered to have a common law marriage. A marriage that is legal is one that is performed by a minister or someone that is qualified to perform the ceremony. Once the ceremony is complete the bride and groom will sign a piece of paper and a few weeks later get a certificate in the mail, in the meantime you will be given a document to show proof of marriage.

So before you take steps to get married think about marriage think about what is marriage. You don’t want to jump into a marriage because you thought this meant one thing and ended up being something entirely different, that’s where divorce ends up coming in. Think long and hard about what the it involves, and what it means to you. Don’t forget to ask your loved one what they think that this is going to mean to them. You wouldn’t want to find out that the two of you have different views on how you will live when you are married. Make your relationship together a lasting one, after all that’s what marriage should be – one that lasts forever.

Marriage and Its Importance in Various Countries

Marriage is the wonderful occasion and feeling for both bride and groom. Definition of marriage differs along with the thoughts of people and culture of different places. But most of people agree that it is nothing but the lifetime commitment. Marriage is the base that keeps two person bound with other for their lifetime. However, bound period may be different in different countries. In western countries marriages end after 10 years while in the countries like India it runs for lifetime.

Mostly the marriage means that it is nothing but the formal conformation of relationship. Marriages and ceremonies are depending on the various culture and customs of that specific country. Marriage makes ones love life into a promising one. This is the occasion that brings two persons together for the rest of their life by joining their hearts. Wedding is just not means for to join two souls together but gives a proper and definite shape to their life.

However the importance of wedding differs due to different countries and it can not be judged only on the basis of the looks of society. In western as well as eastern countries there are different customs and principles that people use in their wedding ceremonies. The use of these customs and principles helps to keep it forever as the culture. As we know people are forgetting about their culture and customs but the cultural events and marriages are the best source to keep the culture alive.

The factors such as bridal shoes, bridal gifts, wedding invitation and wedding accessories are the most essentials things and in some countries is part of the culture. In Hinduism, marriage is the source that helps to meet both social and religious obligations. Other religions have their own ways to describe the importance of marriage ceremony.

According to some people marriage is the only path that they are following individually. Life is a long journey and everyone needs a perfect path to discover the distance. However, if we get traveling mate with us then the journey becomes too easy and happy. Here our life partners it self is a traveling mate for us who helps to make the journey joyful and happy.